More Is More At Verdura

I always get a euphoric feeling after leaving the 12th floor of 745 5th Avenue, the address of the Verdura showroom. With shelves of baroque pearls, gilded tiaras and more gemstones than a pirate’s booty (hehe!), it is truly a jewelry lovers delight. And being a magpie myself, I would one day hope to have a piece from this venerable maison. To be exact, I would love to have a Maltese Cross Cuff in ivory with red rubies, but anything will suffice.

Ever since I was intern at Vogue’s jewelry department, I have been in awe of the brand. And with names like Coco Chanel, Marlene Dietrich and the Duchess of Windsor as clients, I am determined to be part of this rather distinguished roster. (Seeing as pockets are empty at the moment, I would like you to know that my birthday is April 12th and I celebrate Christmas).  

This year, Verdura is celebrating 75 years in the business with a limited-edition collection, which includes a gorgeous amber bracelet and the stunning Theodora Cuff (a close rival to my baby, the Maltese). Though there are many things to be said about the house that Falco de Verdura built, just know this: If anyone ever gifts you Verdura, marry him/her immediately because a) he/she has money, b) he/she knows that jewelry is the only acceptable present, and most importantly c) he/she has taste!