The Fashion Crowd’s Favorite New York Restaurants

In fashion, we are creatures of habit, going back to the same labels and names as a way to filter through myriad options. Of course there are the occasional urges to try something new, but at the end of the day, we return to the familiar. In this sense, food and fashion are similar—what we eat and what we wear are both routine practices. We dine at the same restaurants just as we shop at the same stores.

Just as we refer to the creative for fashion inspiration, we wanted to find out where they also turn for culinary comfort. We polled some of the fashion world’s insiders and luminaries to find out their favorite New York eateries. Some are expected: the Four Seasons Restaurant and ABC Kitchen are each classic and modern fashion foodie spots. Some are less predictable: a standout Ethiopian restaurant in Brooklyn, a Soho soba spot and homemade pancakes. As in fashion, the tried and true will always triumph.

Click through the gallery above for all the picks from Anna Sui, Rosie Assoulin and others. 

Story Author: 

Barry Samaha (@Barry_Samaha)